Sunday, May 08, 2005

Denver has a literary scene, after all!

After doing an internet search trying to find any other bloggers out there who, like me, have spent time at Regis, I instead discover many connections to various literary circles in my area.

I stumbled across Len Edgerly's Chronicles, since he has commented on the last two Hopkins Conferences at Oxford and Regis. He also quite truthfully described my cousin as a "legendary Denver politician." For all I know, I have actually run into Mr. Edgerly at past Hopkins conferences without ever knowing of his connections to the Wazee Journal, the awareness of which has fluttered through my ever-oscillating consciousness once or twice.

Via the Wazee Journal, I am directed to an interview with a local book critic who blogs at The Rake's Progress. Time to dig into the archives and see if I like what I find.

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