Friday, October 10, 2008

The issue that must not be reported

Catching CNN during a lunch break yesterday, I witnessed their coverage of a McCain town-hall meeting. One man asked McCain:
Well, first of all, thank you both for all you're doing for our country. I wanted to ask you about -- about the issue of abortion, and specifically about the debate a couple of nights ago. The moderator cleverly never brought this -- the question up.

And with the debate coming up again, I would ask if you're going to find a way to bring the subject up, even if it's not asked about, because I firmly believe it's an issue which you have the advantage.

Now that's an interesting question.

Before McCain answers, we find that Tom Brokaw isn't the only one trying not to bring this question up.

CNN's Kyra Phillips interrupted, speaking over McCain's unheard reply:
John McCain campaigning in Waukesha, Wisconsin. You can still watch this live, if you want, at He's talking about your money and his pledge to bring it back.

McCain was about to talk about something besides our money, but CNN wouldn't let him.

After talking over McCain's answer, Phillips then speaks about the National Debt Clock,
concluding: "Dr. Deepak Chopra and Reverend Franklin Graham up next to talk about how our economic crisis could be a spiritual awakening for all of us."

Cut to commercial.

Polls often claim to show what issues Americans are really concerned about. Perhaps well-informed respondents merely echo the editorial priorities of the newsroom.


Anonymous said...

Another media "issue - reported" is about 'Barry' Obama's connection to the ACORN project. It's a shame that the real issue have been hidden from us since the founding fathers' time. Follow the money..........

Frank said...

What next for the left - mandatory abortion?

St. Padre Pio, Humanae Vitae, and Mandatory Abortion

St. Pio defended the controversial encyclical, praising its “lofty teachings” and “eternal truths.”

An aspect of the document often overlooked today is its grim warning that governments might “impose” contraceptive methods on citizens.

In the light of the Humanae Vitae’s other accurate predictions,
are mandatory birth control and abortion on the horizon for America?

by Frank M. Rega, S.F.O.

Joe said...

McCain's website says it wants to overturn RvW but McCain believe's it's ok in cases of rape or incest... it's either murder or it's not.

Shame on ACORN for giving poor people a job I guess. We have checks and balances, no one from the Cowboys starting line up will be voting in Vegas don't worry.

Finally McCain and his Republican buddies have reversed the abortion trend down we had in the 90s... go to the CDC and look at the latest data for the 20 something group... they are increasing. Even a Catholic group recently showed that 80% of women had abortions due to economic problems... Obama, as paradoxical as it seems will bring DOWN the number of abortions in this nation.

stambrose said...

Joe, here
is a good answer to that now very tired straw man.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what McCain's response was? Since the media refused to cover it I guess the only way to find out would be to ask someone who was physically there.