Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Transsexual demands Catholic hospital make a woman out of him

Everyone knows California is weird.

It just got a little weirder.

A man trying to further his sex-change operation is suing a Catholic hospital for refusing to give him breast augmentation surgery.

He's suing under an anti-discrimination law:
Wertz believed the hospital’s policy violates the Unruh Act, a state law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. “There's simply no religious exemption in the Unruh Act," Wertz said. "We're talking about a type of care that's OK for one class but not another.”

Catholic News Agency has the story.

Recent opponents of anti-discrimination laws in California were claiming they would mandate gay activism in school textbooks and curricula. Even these hyperbolic activists never saw this one coming. I fear the lawsuit has a good chance of success.

This scenario, bending of both gender and mind, adds one more issue to the Colorado Exempla Health/Sisters of Charity hospital merger dispute.

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nissa_loves_cats said...

I have a lot of compassion for transsexual people but:
A. surgery isn't the answer, and
B. it isn't an excuse for anti-Catholic bias, which would seem to be the motive for suing rather than finding another hospital.