Thursday, May 03, 2007

Conservatives: No-Shows in Education

...consider the attitude Will’s shot at academia represents. If anyone wants an explanation for why the academy is dominated by the left and why the youngest cohort of voters has gone even more overwhelmingly for the Democrats than usual, you need look no further than precisely this sort of professional cop-out, giving up on educating the next generation for the sake of the easy, cheap and ephemeral victories of politics. Every conservative out there complains about the declining standards of education, the ruin of the academy, the politicisation of the classroom and on and on, but what happens when it comes time to step up and do some of the educating themselves? They go to law school to get a "useful" degree, or go into politics or some other field where the "prospects" for the future are better, and then wonder how the media, academia, the arts and cinema have all been taken over by people who loathe everything they believe.
-Daniel Larison

Yep. It sometimes seems that the only prominent people who fight liberalism in the academy use the impotent weapons of bias accusations. Instead of doing the hard work that the left did to acquire dominance in their current strongholds, they wish for a government committee to sweep down and make conservatives--or, rather, Republican party members--eligible for affirmative action.


love the girls said...

Will writes : "people who loathe everything they believe."

What nonsense. Unless of course Will is limiting "everything" to extremely small and ever diminishing set of distinguishing principles.

In fact it's a set so small that off hand I'm unable to come up with a single principle of difference, but I'll give Will the benefit of the doubt and grant there may be yet a principle or even two which has not been compromised by those Will calls conservative.

Oh wait, NOW I see the difference Will is pointing out as "everything". It's between those who vote Democrat, (i.e. those who sell their souls for pleasures of the flesh), as opposed to those who vote Republican (i.e those who sell their souls for the pleasures of monetary greed.

Which I presume is not the difference as Will sees it, but nevertheless is the only dimes worth of difference between the two political parties and those who generally associate with them.

love said...

btw, don't get wrong.

I'm not saying that Democrats are pleased as punch when given the change to also sell their souls for monetary greed, and likewise for Republicans selling themselves for fleshy pleasures, it only that each party puts a premium on one or the other so as to ensure we are fully corrupted with no vices left unenjoyed by all.

Anonymous said...

"....the hard work that the left did to acquire dominance in their current strongholds..."


Are you saying sit-ins are hard work?

Can't be that...