Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Lamentable Anniversary for Colorado

This is the Fortieth Anniversary of the law which 'liberalized' abortion restrictions. The Rocky article is surprisingly focused on Catholics, revealing some of the chicanery that got this law passed:
[Governor] Lamm's measure passed easily in the House. But Bermingham said he and other Senate sponsors knew that Lt. Gov. Mark Hogan, a Catholic, would assign the bill to the State Affairs Committee - chaired by another Catholic - "and that would be the end of it."

So the bill's supporters arranged to have the measure waylaid by a sympathetic woman at the statute revision office in the Capitol basement - a required stop for bills moving from one chamber to the other - until a day when Hogan was absent. Then it was hustled up and quickly assigned to the Health and Welfare Committee, which Bermingham chaired.

Catholics in the state legislature are now the most predictable pro-abortionists in local politics. It's no wonder Archbishop Chaput's pro-life rumblings have sparked such outrage.

The article also focuses on the contemporary Catholic reactions to this bill. I find this interesting, since as I heard the story the archbishop at the time of this bill's passage was back east justifying his and others' dissent on contraception.

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