Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Saudi Slaver Conviction in Colorado Gets Hacks', Diplomats' Attention

Some media hack named Debbie Schlussel is going after the Colorado Secretary of State for his visit to Saudi Arabia to explain our justice system in the aftermath of the conviction of one Homaidan al-Turki. al-Turki was convicted by an Arapahoe County court of keeping an Indonesian woman as his household slave, whom he raped several times during her captivity.

The only positive contribution Schlussel makes seems to be this link to the al Turki Fanclub. Otherwise she's just trying to manufacture a controversy.

Islamic law requires four witnesses for proof of rape, so the conviction seemed to them mere bigotry. Further, on the local radio show Caplis and Silverman Suthers claimed that al-Turki is the son of a prominent imam in either Mecca or Medina. This controversy deserved serious diplomatic attention, and I hope Suthers acquitted himself well. The easily-enraged Schlussel certainly did not.

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