Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Our Prostate Cancer Awareness Week Video is ended.

Let us go forth in peace to love and serve the Lord.

Every time I attend Sunday mass at my home parish, I say a little prayer that goes something like this:

Help me not to wince profusely during atrocious hymns,
those insipid peans to Emersonian self-worship;
Keep me from sniggering during the sermon,
with its cheap crowd-pleasing tricks
and empty platitudes.
Preserve me from being a prig.

Alas, the prig's prayer is in need of amendment. Just after Holy Communion, at the close of a liturgy better than most, the priest told the congregation to remain seated for an important announcement. And what announcement might that be? Why, prostate cancer awareness week! With a Prostate Cancer Awareness Week Video!

Talk about cognitive dissonance. I suppose I should count my blessings. The video never did show what a prostate exam looks like.

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